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the doritos party size bag says it contains 16 servings but my heart says 1

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Colin O’Donoghue doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (x)

let’s take a moment to appreciate Colin’s abs

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Do authors cry when they kill the best character or do they smile, laugh and have a cup of tea with satan

the difference between jk rowling and george rr martin 

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i didnt know lana del rey wrote the national anthem

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when you see a hot guy in public and you’re like


This gif frustrate me because all three of them can be the hot guy but all three of them can also be me reacting to the hot guy.

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I don’t know shit about photography, but the person who took this shot must be given the highest award of them all.

this is breathtaking

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I was talking to my friend on the phone and then she almost got run over and i was obviously really concerned so i asked her if she was okay and after a moment she replied “there is a Jesus in the sky” in a really matter-of-fact sort of way
so obviously I thought something was seriously wrong butimage

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This is #JonathanFerrell. Last summer, he crashed his car in Charlotte. He climbed out of his car and started walking in search of help. Police arrived, surrounded the site of the crash and Ofc. Randall Kerrick shot Jonathan multiple times in the chest, killing him. #endpolicebrutality


let us not forget

I was literally in my bed around the corner when this happened. I was awake. I heard all twelve gunshots.

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me when I want to fight someone

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Doctor Who Tardis