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There will always be those who mean to do us harm. To stop them, we risk awakening the same evil within ourselves. Our first instinct is to seek revenge when those we love are taken from us. But that’s not who we are.

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That’s a Tiffany Blue, darling. (The Hobbit BTS)

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Always in motion is the future.

whoa who is this attractive man and where can I get one

That’s Yoda

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someone studying atoms is really just a bunch of atoms trying to understand themselves

what have you done

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Marvel’s greatest extras. 

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Agents of SHIELD (Spoilers)

Agents Simmons says the best line in the show so far but I may be bias in saying that.

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This is it, boys, this is war - what are we waiting for?

 #forever disappointed this scene was cut #and we couldn’t see the cocky young kid from brooklyn being torn apart by war and facing his own death

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oh my god

As a person from California, this is 100% accurate

As a person from Michigan, this is 100% accurate

As a person from England I was so confused because I forgot you use the Fahrenheit system 

50 degrees in England 

100 degrees in England


I don’t know why I found the skeletons so funny, it’s almost like they’re dancing really sarcastically?

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Can we talk about how Cap and Bucky have opposite masks?

Cap has mouth and eyes exposed, forehead covered. Bucky has mouth covered and eyes painted black, his forehead exposed.

What a lovely symmetry.

But the symbolism too. Cap’s is a helmet, protection, to keep him safe from physical harm. Bucky’s is a muzzle to keep him silent and anonymous and on a leash.

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